With only little investment reap greatest benefits. Simple, secure, and comfortable.

  In our saving scheme, customer can deposit Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 10000/-. Customer has the rights to hold any number of Saving scheme.

  Before 10th of each month the premium is to be deposited mandatory to receive the bonus as scheduled.

  After 11 months from the commencement Savings fund benefits the customer. One customers saving scheme cannot be shared to any others. If there is any change in address report it and get updated.

  On maturing date, the fund cannot be returned in terms of Money or Gold Coins.

  On maturing date, the saving deposit and bonus amount can purchase 22ct Gold items without any wastage paid.

  If the premium remains remains unpaid, and if the customer wishes to quit the scheme, an administration charge of Rs. 250/- will be fined and remaining amount will be settled in terms of any gold items only.

  If Passbook is misplaced, customer can inform the store and get the duplicate copy of the same.

  Any final decision depends on administration only.